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About our company

Wuxi Nicewell Technology Co was established in 2017, is a subsidiary of Nice Group,  for providing overall intelligent solutions to global enterprises of food&medicine, mainly specialized in automatic equipments & packing materials of confectionery & medicine .  And we are always willing to assist young entrepreneurs all over the world who love confectionery&medicine business realizing their dream of setting up themslves factory.

Looking forward to working with you.

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The quality is in the heart, the famous brand is in the hand, the responsibility is on the shoulder, the good faith is in the words and deeds.

corporate culture

We are a team full of responsibility and passion to the customers, ensuring the fastest time, the best service, and the maximum satisfaction of the customer's needs.

Our mission

Promote the development of intelligent science and technology, making it easier for the world to pack the candy production.

Our vision

Create a first-class national brand in China,A high growth enterprise for sustainable management.

Our core values

Innovation and enterprising, pay attention to performance cooperation and win-win.

Our product concept

Focus on the first continuous innovation of the quality of professional goals

Our service concept

A sharp grasp of the trend of application to meet customer needs,Customer - centered, surpassing customer satisfaction.

Our management philosophy

  • 1. Put the talents and talents in the first place
  • 2. Respecting and trusting every employee
  • 3. Build a learning team and continue to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises and individuals through continuous learning
  • 4. Adhere to principles and emphasize discipline
  • 5. We work together to promote team spirit

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