About Our company

Wuxi Nicewell Technology Co was established in 2017, is a subsidiary of Nice Group,  for providing overall intelligent solutions to global enterprises of food&medicine, mainly specialized in automatic equipments & packing materials of confectionery & medicine .  And we are always willing to assist young entrepreneurs all over the world who love confectionery&medicine business realizing their dream of setting up themslves factory.

Looking forward to working with you.


why choose us?

Our company is committed to provide professional industry solution, technical support, confectionery raw materials and environmental protection packaging materials for customer around the world.

Equipment advantage

Our production line is easy to operate and save 20%-80% labor force.

Technical service advantage

We will always keep providing a full range of technical services for our customers.

Deep cooperation advantage

If the resource interchange is successful, our customers will be eligible for free equipment from our company.

our team

Unity seems to be the essential component of every Union's tenet. We are always proud of our unity when we see the trade unions propagandize themselves, and we have the inherent characteristics of our unity.